Test-Driven Development: A Review

Posted on Mon 09 November 2015 in TDDA • Tagged with tdd

Since a key motivation for developing test-driven data analysis (TDDA) has been test-driven development (TDD), we need to conduct a lightning tour of TDD before outlining how we see TDDA developing. If you are already familiar with test-driven development, this may not contain too much that is new for you …

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Why Test-Driven Data Analysis?

Posted on Thu 05 November 2015 in TDDA • Tagged with questions, tdda, tdd

OK, everything you need to know about TeX has been explained—unless you happen to be fallible. If you don't plan to make any errors, don't bother to read this chapter.

— The TeXbook, Chapter 27, Recovery from Errors. Donald E. Knuth.1

The concept of test-driven data analysis seeks to …

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