Gentest Talk at 2022 Toronto Workshop on Reproducibility

Posted on Fri 25 February 2022 in TDDA

We released version 2.0 of the Python TDDA library this week. The radical new feature of the 2.0 release is Gentest, a command-line tool for automatically generating tests for more-or-less any code that you can run from a command line.

Gentest was introduced at the 2022 Toronto Workshop on Reproducibility yesterday (24th February), where demonstrations included using it to write tests for three increasing complex R programs. This was to emphasize that Gentest is useful for much more than just testing Python code. Our (only slightly facetious) strapline is

Gentest writes tests, so you don't have to.

Slides from the talk are available here:

And here's the video:

We'll be posting more detail about Gentest here over the coming weeks.

Another major upgrade in the 2.0 TDDA release is the documentation. We've made much more effort to separate out the command-line uses of the TDDA library

  • constraint generation
  • data verification
  • data validation
  • inference of regular expressions, with Rexpy
  • (now) automatic test generation, with Gentest

from the API documentation, which is only really relevant to Python users.

The documentation is available at Read The Docs.