Learning the Hard Way: Regression to the Mean

Posted on Thu 20 June 2024 in TDDA • Tagged with TDDA, reproducibility, errors, interpretation

I was at the tenth PyData London Conference last weekend, which was excellent, as always. One of the keynote speakers was Rebecca Bilbro who gave a rather brilliant (and cleverly titled) talk called Mistakes Were Made: Data Science 10 Years In.

The title is, of course, a reference to the …

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TOMLParams: TOML-based parameter files made better

Posted on Sun 16 July 2023 in TDDA • Tagged with TDDA, reproducibility

TOMLParams is a new open-source library that helps Python developers to externalize parameters in TOML files. This post will explain why storing parameters in non-code files is beneficial (including for reproducibility), why TOML was chosen, and some of the useful features of the library, which include structured sets of parameters …

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