Site News: Glossary; Table of Contents; Feeds

Posted on Mon 23 November 2015 in blog

The site now has a glossary, and also a table of contents, both linked from the side panel (which is at the top on mobile). The plan, obviously, is to keep these up-to-date as we discuss more topics. The table of contents is similar to the archives link at the top, but is chronological, rather than reverse-chronological, and has a short description of each article.

While writing the glossary, we decided that, in addition to the two classes of errors we discussed in Why Test-Driven Data Analysis—errors of implementation and errors of interpretation—we should probably break out a third category, namely errors of process. The first of the "interpretation" questions we listed was "Is the input data correct?". Presenting incorrect data to an analytical process certainly seems more like an error of process than an error of interpretation (though as we will discuss in one of the next posts, arguably the process should detect at least some kinds of input errors). We will certainly discuss other examples of process errors in future posts. We'll probably update the Why... post with at least with a footnote describing new interpretation.

We were also informed that some of the links to the RSS and Atom feeds were broken, even though the feeds themselves were OK. Apologies for this. As far as we can tell, they're all OK now. Please let us know if you try them and find they're not OK, or indeed if you find any other problems or errors.