Screencasts and Exercises

Posted on Fri 25 October 2019 in TDDA

We've started producing a series of exercises for various aspects of TDDA, available on the blog, with follow-along screencasts.

There will be a series of posts about these, starting on Monday (28th October). There's a YouTube channel as well, if you want to subscribe.

The goal has been for each exercise to be as short and simple as it can reasonably be while still covering useful aspects.

The first set of exercises will cover the reference testing capabilities of TDDA, and at least some of them will be available both as unittest-favoured versions and pytest variants. If you don't currently use either, you probably want to follow the unittest variants, since unittest is part of Python's standard library.

There's a page for the exercises at:

which we'll try to keep up-to-date as we add more.

Please note: if you want to do the exercises, you'll need the latest TDDA release, and as we add more (unfortunately) you'll probably need to update each time we add new exercises, with something like

pip install -U tdda


python3 -m pip install -U tdda

depending on your setup. See the installation instructions for details.